Rug Cleaning & Repair

For professional rug cleaning collectors, dealers, designers, commercial establishments and homeowners entrust Dilmaghani with their precious carpets and rugs.

Dilmaghani continues a ninety year tradition providing special attention to customer service and an artisan approach to cleaning, repairing and restoring Oriental Rugs (modern or antique) and fine domestic carpets.

If you’re seeking personal service and professional quality rug care at reasonable cost, Dilmaghani is the answer!

Dilmaghani’s Cleaning Service – the tri-states’ expert cleaning and repair service for fine Oriental Rugs, modern or antique; domestic carpets, upholstery and draperies.

For Dilmaghani’s Cleaning & Repair, please fill in this form or call 914-472-1700.
Please note, we CANNOT accept rugs for cleaning/repair from walk-in customers at our Scarsdale or Brewster locations.

For Cleaning Pick-Up & Delivery, call 800-232-3462.

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  • Stain protection & padding
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Rug Cleaning

Professional Rug Cleaning

Fine rugs must be cleaned in a professional rug cleaning plant where they can be carefully washed, rinsed and dried. On-location cleaning is suitable only for permanently installed broadloom carpeting, never for Oriental Rugs!

Dilmaghani Rug Cleaning
A rug’s worst enemy is grit! The abrasive nature of embedded grit causes pile fibers to break down, diminishing the beauty and shortening your rug’s life. Weekly vacuuming lifts superficial dirt out of your rug. However, periodic professional cleaning is essential to remove deep down dirt and grit.

Dilmaghani Rug Cleaning
How do you determine if a rug needs professional cleaning? If the dirt is visible to your eye or if it has been years since the last cleaning!

Important Advice – Never allow anyone to clean your Oriental Rug or Area Rugs in your home!

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning
Dilmaghani Rug Washing Facility

Luster Wash

Dilmaghani Rug Cleaning
The ultimate cleaning process for fine Oriental rugs and carpets! First, your carpet is carefully vacuumed, front and back to release primary grit. Then, your rug is immersed in water containing our exclusive formulas and processed in our specially designed washing equipment. The water and cleaning solutions penetrate freely to the deepest layer of the rug’s nap, removing ground-in dirt without crushing the wool. In most cases, this restores the rug’s original look and texture.

Dilmaghani Rug Cleaning
After the wash, your rug dries in a climate – controlled room where temperature and humidity are carefully monitored for optimum drying conditions. This professional drying process is one of the most critical steps in rug conservation and an essential reason for sending your rug to our professional rug cleaning plant!

Restoration Cleaning

Restoration cleaning for rugs requiring special treatment

Our Restoration-Cleaning uses a special formulated hand cleaning process (using wet or dry cleaning, as necessary) supervised by our plant manager. This is the finest cleaning available for rugs requiring extraordinary care including silk pieces, thin or worn rugs, or rugs with fugitive dyes.

Stain removal

Some stains don’t respond to regular cleaning. Our qualified personnel work on the most stubborn stains with good to excellent results!

Emergency cleaning

Emergency cleaning of wet carpet and rugs due to flooding, fire, smoke or other causes.
Call us for prompt professional service!

Wall-to-wall carpet & upholstery cleaning on your premises

At home or office, we schedule on the premises cleaning at your convenience. We first pre-spotdifficult stains.

The portable cleaning machines provide a dual method of a steamsoil extraction and a deep lathershampo.

We also offer Fiber-Shield® application to protect your wall-to-wall carpeting against spills and soil.

Drapery & window treatment cleaning

We clean all window covering fabrics in any configuration where it hangs! This includes all “ Hunter Douglas ”
treatments. Guaranteed no damage or shrinkage.

Furniture cleaning

In-home cleaning of upholstered and leather furniture. We will inspect your furniture to determine the most effective cleaning method and pre-spot any stains.

We also offer Fiber-Shield® protection for all fabric and leather furniture.

Wall-to-wall  Carpets and Furniture Cleaning

Stain protection & padding

Stain protection & padding


An optional treatment for hand made rugs and carpets, fabric and leather furniture, wall to wall carpet, wall fabrics and draperies. It resists stains, soil and wear by protecting the entire fiber – without changing the color!

It is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic when dry. Our trained technicians can apply “Fiber Shield” in your home or at our cleaning plant. The protected fibers stay soft and supple.


Premium Rug Pad
Good quality padding enhances the life-time of your rug and gives a comfortable, feeling underfoot.

Non-skid padding is important for runners and small size rugs to prevent accidental slipping. Choose from a full line of our rug padding.

Order rug pad online.

Rug Repairs

Rug Repairs

Our master crafts people expertly reweave holes, “renap” worn areas, restore moth damage, repair seams, reduce a rug’s size, re-wrap and repair a rug’s side, reweave fringes, add artificial fringes, unravel, overcast worn fringes or whatever may be necessary to beautifully restore your fine rugs.
Rug Reweaving
Rug Reweaving

Our master craftspeople expertly match every color from our yarns, the ending re-weaved section will have its original look we rebuild every single knot on any kind of design.
Rug Reweaving

Quick spots help

Quick help for spotting guide for specific stains

Dilmaghani Rug Cleaning
These cleaning methods are suggestions only. Dilmaghani accepts no responsibility for their use.

First, test one of the following solutions on a small, inconspicuous section of your rug. Tackle the stain by working from the outer edge toward the center. Spot check for color fastness prior to wetting your carpet.

Apply the solution with a dry cleaning solvent and a white absorbent cloth.

Detergent Solution

One teaspoon of neutral detergent to 1/2 pint of warm water.

Detergent Vinegar Solution

Add one teaspoon of white vinegar to the Detergent Solution above.

Ammonia Solution

One teaspoon of household ammonia to one cup of water.

Dilmaghani Rug Cleaning
Always work from the outer edge of the spill so that it does not spread. Blot as you work.

Alcohol, Coffee, Liquid Foods, Perfume, Tea, Wines, Urine [ urine often doesn’t come out ]!

Immediately blot up the spill with a paper towel or cloth. With a spoon, go into the pile and draw out any excess liquid. Then, use the Detergent/Vinegar Solution above. Blot dry.

Milk, Soft Drinks

Blot up surplus spillage. Use detergent solution starting at the outer edge. Blot dry. Follow with Ammonia Solution above. Blot dry.

Chewing gum, Fats, Grease, Lipstick, Nail Polish, Oil, Shoe Polish, Tar, Vomit, Solids, Wax

Scrape up excess with a spoon. Use dry cleaning solvent followed by Detergent / Vinegar Solution above. Blot dry.

Blood, Chocolate, Egg, Fruit, Glue, Grass, Gravy, Ice Cream

Scrape up excess with a spoon. Use detergent solution starting at the outer edge. Blot dry. Follow with Ammonia Solution above. Blot dry.

Interactive stain removal

Interactive Stain Removal Guide

We invite you to use this extensive resource designed to provide detailed assistance for spot and stain removal. The information contained in our stain removal guide was obtained from reliable sources, however our company cannot accept any responsibility related to the use of our Stain Removal Guide.

Cleaning guide