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I am glad to have the opportunity to acquaint you with our company. I am Dennis Dilmaghani, the son of Mehdi Dilmaghani the founder of our New York company. I have been the President / CEO since my father’s passing in 1979. So much about the methods of doing business has changed in recent years, thanks to the computer. I often recall my Dad’s remark when I tried to interest him in computers in the 70′s. He picked up his abacus and said “this is the best computer this business ever had!” For many years, in fact decades, rug businesses, like many other trades, continued as they always had operated.

Indeed, computers and now the internet provide amazing tools for keeping records, maintaining stock and ultimately providing you, the customer, with the most remarkable ability to see a vast inventory from your home!

Whatever the changes of managing our family business into a new century, our product, the hand-knotted Oriental rug remains unchanged in its beauty, integrity and timeless elegance.

My father established the Dilmaghani company in Manhattan in 1921, continuing his Persian family’s long tradition of fine rug production and distribution. At that time, he was among few rug importers and the Dilmaghani company quickly became known nationwide for fine quality rugs.

The Dilmaghani Scarsdale showroom was built in 1964. The building is free of interior support walls, offering spacious areas to show our vast inventory to the local trade.

Some of our rugs have a crown woven into the border. This is the Dilmaghani trademark, Cyrus Crown®, named for the founder of the ancient Persian Empire which established the cultural roots for hand made carpets.

Dilmaghani rugs are hand woven (knotted) in many countries of origin including Persia, India, Pakistan and China. They are produced in adherence with our rigid rug production guidelines for quality of materials and standards of weaving and finish.

Many of our suppliers are in their 2nd and 3rd generation of association with our firm, they know well and appreciate how carefully we scrutinize every step in the rug making process.

In keeping with our own standards and with the world wide concern about the abuse of child labor in any industry, we give strict orders and require our suppliers to certify that all production phases are free of any illegal child labor.

Whether your search is for an antique or new rug, one as small as a car mat or as large as a ballroom – you will find we have the broadest selection anywhere!

If you are looking for a rug and don’t see it, please contact us.

We want Dilmaghani’s to be the place where you find your rugs!


Dennis Dilmaghani

Mehdi Dilmaghani & Co., Inc.
Oriental Rugs, Oversize, area rugs & Persian Carpets