Fun & Interesting Oriental Rugs Facts

Rug Lectures

Fun & Interesting Facts About Oriental Rugs
Would you like to hear fun and interesting facts about Oriental Rugs?

Mr. Dilmaghani and our staff consultants often give “Rug Talks” or mini-lectures to trade groups, local clubs, organizations and civic groups.

Many people enjoy learning more about how Oriental Rugs are made and how to decorate with them. We’ll help you get started by designing a lecture for your organization!

Have your club’s next meeting or event at the Dilmaghani Showroom! Take a guided tour of our facility while enjoying an informative lecture on the origins and production of Oriental Rugs. View some of the finest handmade rugs available on the market today.

“Rug Talks” are available only by appointment. Just give us a call at 914-472-1700.