Vintage Rugs & Carpets

Oriental rugs are named ‘vintage rugs’ if they are from mid-20th century and newer – from the 1960’s through the early 90’s.

Dilmaghani is highly regarded in the industry for its eclectic collection of Vintage rugs and Semi-Antique Oriental rugs. Our collection includes rugs and carpets of all imaginable sizes, designs and types. Most pieces are in excellent condition having never-been-used. Others have had little wear and are in very good condition as well.

We are continually expanding our websites to show more of our inventory online, however, only a small percentage of our inventory is on display or immediately accessible.
For inquiries about Dilmaghani’s vintage carpets, please inquire via our contact form.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Vintage Moroccan
Moroccan rugs come in several distinct styles. Some are very thick with a heavy pile while others have a thin pile and light in weight. Others may be flat woven. Many Moroccan rugs are produced by tribal groups. Based upon geography and tribal origin, colors vary from soft and subtle to lively and bright.

Dilmaghani has a limited selection of vintage tribal Moroccan rugs.

Vintage Tabriz Rugs

Vintage Tabriz
For many years the Dilmaghani company produced rugs to our design and specification with our longstanding commissioned weavers in Tabriz, Iran. Many of these exclusive Dilmaghani designs are still available today in a wide range of sizes. Of special interest are Dilmaghani’s Tabriz designs in softer hues compared to traditional Tabriz pieces with stronger colors.

In addition, Dilmaghani has a selection of older Tabriz pieces made in traditional Tabriz designs and colorations.

Vintage Russian Rugs

Vintage Russian
Many years ago Dilmaghani acquired an inventory of goods produced in weaving areas that were part of Russia at the time. The pieces vary in quality and most are under 6′ x 9′ in size with geometric “Caucasian” style designs. They are all considered “vintage” and are no longer in production.