Persian Rugs & Persian Carpets

Persian rugs are traditionally known for their tremendous variety in design, color, size, and weave, and for their uniqueness of each and every rug produced.

Rugs are usually named after the town or village in which they are woven. Each town has a certain characteristic of weave, design and color which makes the rug easily identifiable. The name however does not denote a specific quality. There are three or four qualities to a name.

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Abadeh Rugs

Abadeh Persian Rugs
Abadeh – a market town between Isfahan and Shirz.

Rugs often in a flat woven style knot. Designs geometrically stylized animals and flowers.

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Afshar Rugs

Afshar Persian Rugs
Afshars – a tribal group more recently in Persia’s South-East corner.

Afhars are known for high quality and unique aesthetics.

Ahar Rugs

Ahar Persian Rugs
A type of Azerbaijani carpet made in the town of Ahar. Part of the Heriz group of rugs.

Amrabad Persian Rugs

Amrabad Persian Rugs
Amrabad – one of many Hamadan district towns.

Rugs with relatively coarse weave and thick wool.

Ardebil Persian Rugs

Ardebil Persian Rugs
Based on the geometric Caucasian rugs, depicting stylized animals or birds. Playful pieces.

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Atraf Rugs

Atraf Persian Rugs

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Bakshaish Rugs

Bakshaish Persian Rugs
A town on the bank of the Tulke Rud River in the Heriz region of North-West Persia.

Artistic, diverse, abstracted tribal design rugs.

Baktiari Rugs

Baktiari Persian Rugs
Bakriari were nomadic people who settled South-West of Isfahan.

Highly desirable rugs with dense knots. Patterns are garden inspired.

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Balouch Rugs

Balouch Persian Rugs
Balouch is a South-East province in Persia.

Rugs with tribal motifs, often small in sizes and have low knot count.

Bergamo Rugs

Made in the area of Western Anatolia. Rugs usually have earth tones with simple designs.

Bibicabad Rugs

Bibicabad Persian Rugs
Bibicabad – in the Hamadan region.

The rugs are related to Malayer rugs in technique. Usually have all over designs.

Bijar Persian Rugs

Bijar Persian Rugs
Bijars were originally heavy, remarkably durable rugs. Now, more like Sarouk. Designs are usually strong.

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Birjand Rugs

Birjand Persian Rugs
Birjand – in the Khourasan province. Woven in villages. Among the best rugs in the region.

Borchalou Rugs

Borchalou Persian Rugs
Borchalou – in Western Persia, part of the Hamadan Province.

A good area rug, it combines many shades of the rainbow with peak effect. High pile, light, rich floral designs.

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Dargezine Rugs

Dargezine Persian Rugs
In the Hamadan district – comparatively coarse weave and thick wool.

The Dargezine designs, which are normally in the floral grouping utilize colors in indigo blues, greens, madder reds and pinks, creams, yellows, camels and browns, dyed by professional dyers.

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Feraghan Rugs

Feraghan Persian Rugs
Feraghan – in West Central Persia.

Geometric designs with complimentary lyrical motifs.

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Gorevan Rugs

Gorevan Persian Rugs
Originally Heriz rugs. They have attractive, imposing designs often with center medallion in a solid cream color with ornate borders. The designs are geometric, bold and yet present a graceful, desirable appearance. The rugs are extremely durable.

Goultug Rugs

Goultag Persian Rugs
A type of Bijar, often with finer knot count and high durability.

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Guba Rugs

Guba Persian Rugs
Gubas – among the Azerbaijani rugs. Often with ornamental, stylized and geometric designs.

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Gubabaft Rugs

Gubabaft Persian Rugs
Gubabaft Rugs, like the Ardebil, based on the geometric Caucasian rugs, usually depicting stylized animals or birds.

Ghoum Rugs

Ghoum Rugs
Made in Ghoum province South of Tehran.

Silk or wool rugs. High quality. Usually feature Tree of Life design.

Hamadan Rugs

Hamadan Persian Rugs
From the Hamadan region of many villages. Antiques used thick wool with a coarse weave. Beautiful and durable rugs.

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Heriz Persian Rugs

Heriz Persian Rugs
Heriz – a district in Azerbajan, North-West Persia.

Attractive large scale motifs, wide, and warm color ranges.

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Hoseinabad Rugs

Hoseinabad Persian Rugs
Persian tribal rugs sometimes with animals.

Ingilas Rugs

Ingilas Persian Rugs
A village South-East of Hamadan, originally settled by Turkish people. Rugs often reds and blues.

Other spelling – Ingelas.

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Isfahan Rugs

Isfahan Persian Rugs
Known for high quality rugs, long a center of Persian rug production. Designs: Tree of Life, intricate circular medallion or pastoral scenes.

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Josan Rugs

Josan Persian Rugs
Rugs made in villages surrounding Jozan.

Medallion and corner or vase and flower design on blue ground predominate. Quality rugs of the Sarouk type, many are of the finest weave.

Joshegan Rugs

Joshegan Persian Rugs
One of the oldest centers of continuous weaving in Persia / Iran.

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Kapoutrahang Rugs

Kapoutrahang Persian Rugs
Small town North of Hamadan. Few rugs made today.

Karaja Rugs

Karaja Persian Rugs
Village North-East of Heriz area.

Designs either with rose of medallions or Heriz style – often with light blue.

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Kashan Rugs

Kashan Persian Rugs
A city in Isfahan province. Rug production began in 17th century.

The designs are usually foliage motifs that can be repeated in a dignified all over arrangement. The background color is commonly a deep rich rose or blue. Contemporary Kashan rugs also appear in a beige ground in well covered design with some in open field.

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Kazvin Rugs

Kazvin Persian Rugs
Made in Hamadan. Sturdy Kazvin rugs offer a high pile with good wool, great unique double weft, an attractive medallion and corner design.

Kerman Persian Rugs

Kerman Persian Rugs
A city and province in Iran. The major center of high quality carpets since at least the 15th century.

Dilmaghani Cyrus Crown® carpets, produced for decades in the 20th century, were the finest Kermans imported to the United States. They CC Kermans still are among the most sought after Oriental rugs in the market today.

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Kurdish Rugs

Kurdish Rugs
Rugs in the North-West region of Persia and now, neighboring countries. Woven by Kurdish people usually on a woolen foundation.

Lanbaran Rugs

Lanbaran Persian Rugs
Within the Heriz district. Rugs with large scale motifs, wide, warm color ranges.

Lilihan Rugs

Woven by Armenians in the Khomeyn district of Persia.

Mahal Rugs

Mahal Persian Rugs
Village rug, fold art weaving with whimsical motifs.

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Malayer Rugs

Malayer Persian Rugs
Lesser quality Josan rugs made in Sarouk style.

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Mehrivan Rugs

Mehrivan Persian Rugs
District North of Hamadan.

A grade of Heriz rug – attractive imposing designs often with medallion on camel colored field. Extremely durable rugs.

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Meshed Rugs

Meshed Persian Rugs
Mostly curvilinear with large center medallion within a busy background of floral patterns. Often have corner floral designs.

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Meshkin Rugs

Meshkin Persian Rugs
An old North-East Persian city.

Rugs often palace size – wide color pallets in hues of reds and blues. Wool is often a silky luster.

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Nain Rugs

Nain Persian Rugs
Small town near Isfahan.

Fine quality rugs, superior wool or silk. Often very detailed in blues on ivory background.

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Sarouk Rugs

Sarouk Persian Rugs
Overall designs – no center medallion. Jewel tones often with dominant shades of Red with Blues. Sarouk rugs are heavy and durable.

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Senna Rugs

Senna Persian Rugs
Tightly spun, mountain wool, antiques are finer than present day Sennas.

Serab Rugs

Serab Persian Rugs
North-West Persia. Known for long runners with characteristic camel ground and palm shaped medallions.

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Serbend Rugs

Among the less expensive Oriental rugs – often with bold repeated field design and traditional colors.

Sharabian Rugs

Sharabian Persian Rugs
In the Heriz family of rugs – fun and casual motifs.

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Shiraz Rugs

Shiraz Persian Rugs
A village in the province of Fars.

Rugs often coarse and tribal, not finely knotted. Geometric, red and brown repeated diamond shapes.

Tabriz Persian Rugs

Tabriz Persian Rugs
One of the oldest rug weaving centers. A wide range of qualities – often Earth tones sometimes with animals or pastoral images.

Dilmaghani’s company founder was born in Tabriz and over decades collected many fine pieces now available.

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Tehran Rugs

Weaving began about 150 years ago in this capitol city. Often light background using either Turkish or Persian knots. Some portrait rugs and others with animals.

Veramin Rugs

Veramin Persian Rug
Beautiful carpets, similar to Kermans. Among the most elite of Persian rugs. Uses the Persian Senneh knot. Geometric patterns with repeated medallions.

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Yalameh Rugs

Yalameh Persian Rug
A Northern town of Isfahan.

Top quality tribal rugs with diamond geometric designs.

Yezd Rugs

Yezd Persian Rugs
An old city on the caravan route.

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