Spring RUG Cleaning

Freshen your home from the floors up this Spring!
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SPRING CLEANING  — RUG CLEANING and other Cleaning and Repair Services!

Professional cleaning of your rugs means they’re less likely to attract moths. Because hand-knotted Oriental rugs have a wool pile, and sometimes wool warp and weft, they are susceptible to moth damage.
While weekly vacuuming is important, it’s not the complete cleaning solution. Occasional professional cleaning removes embedded dirt deep within the pile and increases the longevity of your rugs!


Home cleaning of machine made or wall-to-wall machine carpet can be accomplished by proper professional methods.

Dilmaghani provides – in-home rug cleaning for wall-to-wall carpeting.

Upholstery and drapery cleaning service in your home too!

When your rugs are professional cleaned, it’s a good time to purchase fresh rug pads. Dilmaghani’s cleaning service provides minor repair service such as worn fringes or loose binding.
Some repairs are done in our Scarsdale repair department. Photos of repair needs must be sent to: [email protected] prior to making an appointment for the rug repair.

Dilmaghani, your best choice for Rug Cleaning and more!

Freshen your home from the floors up this Spring!
Call Dilmaghani’s Rug Cleaning Service:

Dilmaghani’s Oriental Rug Cleaning service includes free pick-up and delivery in the Tri-State area.

Rug Cleaning
Rug Cleaning
Rug Repair

Rug Warehouse / Outlet WINTER SPECIALS

HUGE price reduction on Oriental and Area rugs !

GREAT values on all inventory – Never been used close outs, overstock and repaired rugs!

Our Winter Specials on Oriental rugs starts this weekend.

You’ll find Hand-Knotted, new or slightly repaired rugs priced LESS than some machine-made rugs in comparable sizes!

8×10 Vintage Crown Kashmir Chain Stitch Rug
8×10 Vintage Crown Kashmir Chain Stitch Rug in Black made in India
Sale Price $399 – Original Price $1,995
8x8 Modern Kilim Style Square Rug
8×8 Modern Kilim Style Square Rug in Multi-Color made in India
Sale Price $539 – Original Price $1,920
8×10 William Morris Design Rug
8×10 William Morris Design Rug in Burgundy made in India
Sale Price $2,295 – Original Price $4,640
9×12 Tibetan Design Rug
9×12 Tibetan Design Rug in Black / Gold made in India
Sale Price $1,589 – Original Price $3,180
9×12 Kashan Design Rug
9×12 Kashan Design Rug in Red / Dark Blue made in India
Sale Price $2,749 – Original Price $5,510

High quality, hard-to-find Oriental Rugs at the best prices!

Prepare now for the holidays – Fall is the prime decorating season!

Whether you’re looking for room sizes, or large and oversize rugs suitable for a “great room” – Dilmaghani is the place to buy!

As manufacturers, importers and suppliers to the wholesale trade for nearly a century in the United States, we have one of the largest inventories in the country. You’ll find high quality, hard-to-find rugs at the best prices.

Visit our Scarsdale showroom: dilmaghani.com or our Brewster, NY, Warehouse Outlet: flyingcarpets.com.

Oriental Rugs

Antique Chinese Rugs

Antique and semi-antique Chinese rugs ranging from the very late 1890’s through 1920’s, 30’s and early 40’s.  Rugs in the gallery below are a representation of small area rug sizes available in 2′ x 3′, 2′ x 4′, 2′ x 5′, 3′ x 5′ & 3′ x 6′.

Historical Chinese Influence: One of the most notable eras in carpet making is the Safavid dynasty reigning 1501 – 1722 AD.

As one of the most renown periods in carpet weaving, many are surprised to discover Chinese teaching and influence had a monumental affect before and during this historical period, including Persian rug weaving for centuries to come.

Prior to and into the early Safavid dynasty, artisans from China were brought to Persia in efforts to further the understanding of rug making.  Use of curvilinear motif excelled during this time, which historians suggest are largely attributed to Chinese teachings, as well as inclusion & adaptation of motifs from ancient Chinese culture.  The Safavid period in turn rendered among the most magnificent masterpieces of Oriental rugs known to humankind.  Examples of Chinese influence in Safavid rugs may clearly be seen in milestone pieces such as the historic Twin Ardabil carpets.  Ancient cloud band motifs represented within these and other adaptations from Chinese influence may be found in fine carpets from the Safavid period.

Antique Chinese Rugs: Considering the authenticity and historical aspect of these small antique rugs above is quite a exciting.  In conjunction with China’s deeply rooted history and influence in rug weaving, another aspect to consider is the time in which these rugs were woven.  Many of the antique Chinese rugs in the gallery above were woven pre-Nichols art deco carpet production and export.

One could suggest the antique Chinese rugs above are the original predecessors and catalyst behind and during, art deco movement.  These Antique Chinese rugs are also noteworthy as they are conceivably the first ever genre of rug to be attributed to an international design movement. These pieces are original and genuine examples from a historic era which spread throughout the world.  The design movement assimilated many historical motifs and symbols from Buddhist and Taoist religions, and the Chinese influence on Safavid weaving.

Antique Chinese rugs continue to gain appreciation and collector appeal as they cater to two main communities: rug enthusiasts and deco collectors.  Smaller sizes are very special, as they are often not easy to find in acceptable collectible condition.  Small antique Chinese rugs are also easily mounted for use as a wall display providing excellent and unique decorative value. Designs are simplistic, expressive, charming and in many cases, powerful.

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