Custom Carpet Department

Creating a custom carpet or rug allows for personal expression in design. In addition, the designer can specify special and unique design, color, and physical characteristics which add a personal touch to the character of the custom rug.

Whether, hand knotted, hand tufted or other type of construction, the Dilmaghani custom rug department is the best resource to actualize your vision.

With marvelous flexibility for interior design, Dilmaghani custom rugs and carpets may be as simple or complex as you wish. There are infinite options for sizing and shape, color, texture, and material from modern to traditional, contemporary or simplistic. Dilmaghani custom gallery suits the needs of the best of New York’s Designers using select and top tier material and craftsmanship available.

Custom Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets

Dilmaghani’s custom hand tufted rug and carpet department opens the door to design flexibility which may be found in custom hand-knotted rugs or woven carpets, at a fraction of the investment. With faster results than a fully hand knotted rug, your dream of custom texture, custom design is closer than you realized.

Custom Hand Knotted Rugs & Carpets

Dilmaghani offers one of the most extensive and eclectic selection of hand knotted rugs available today. For clients seeking extra attention for their design needs or sizes, Dilmaghani’s hand knotted looms are the best option for ordering fine Oriental Rugs according to your specifications.

Custom Rug for Persidential Library from Dilmaghani

Dilmaghani presented one of Dilmaghani’s Cyrus Crown© Sarouk Designs to the Clinton School of Public Service Library located within the Clinton Presidential Library Campus in Little Rock, Arkansas. The rug was made, over the course of two years, specifically taking into consideration the design, colors and large size for this extraordinary Presidential Library room.

Members of the Clinton family and designers for the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library selected the rug from the Dilmaghani collection with the consultation and advice of David Martinous, the Dilmaghani retail dealer in Little Rock Arkansas.

Dennis Dilmaghani, president of the firm, made a personal visit to the Library to meet President Clinton and formally present the carpet with Mr. Martinous.