Unique Novelty Pictorial Rugs

By | December 5, 2014

Dilmaghani has delightful, unique novelty rugs, hand knotted in Armenia. These feature Christmas themes in a variety of colors and are truly fun accent pieces year around. Great as gifts for the holidays or for yourself to bring a smile.

Dilmaghani carries larger sizes of Armenian rugs as well. They have a warm, welcoming look with restful colors and whimsical motifs based on traditional patterns and designs. Enjoyable to look and live with at year around!

Available for purchase at our Scarsdale Showroom.

Pictorial Rug 2x2 Carousel Horse

Pictorial Rug 2×2 Carousel Horse

2x3 Caucasian Camels Red Rug

2×3 Caucasian Camels Red Rug

2x3 Caucasian Camels Green Rug

2×3 Caucasian Camels Green Rug

2x3 Caucasian Camels Blue Rug

2×3 Caucasian Camels Blue Rug

2x3 Caucasian Camels Gold Rug

2×3 Caucasian Camels Gold Rug

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Worldwide importer and wholesale distributor of hand knotted carpets, Dilmaghani serves the Oriental rug trade with authentic hand knotted rugs across the country and internationally. Call our main offices in Scarsdale, New York: Westchester's first Oriental Rug Store.

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