Sarouk Rugs from Dilmaghani

As President’s Weekend approaches, we are reminded that a Sarouk style rug was manufactured by Dilmaghani Carpets for a United States’ Presidential Library. A huge piece, it required a special oversized loom and took two years to make!

Dilmaghani has a beautiful inventory of Sarouk rugs in every size. A Classic Persian pattern, the Sarouk design has particularly been beloved in the United States for over a century. In fact, a particular group of Sarouk designs, are now referred to as “American Sarouks.” Whatever your design choice may be, you’ll surely find the regal rug for your home or office within our vast inventory.

Sarouk Rugs
Dilmaghani’s Cyrus Crown® Sarouk Rug
PRESENTED to the Clinton School of Public Service Library
located within the Clinton Presidential Library Campus in Little Rock, Arkansas