Choosing an Oriental Rug by Color

Kerman Rug
Persian Kerman Crown Oversize Carpet 14′ x 17’10″

Mind-set in viewing Oriental rugs. Sometimes, customers begin their search with specifying colors they do or do not want. Our suggestion is, when you look at a Dilmaghani Oriental rug, you are looking at a work of art. One color or another need not be a deciding factor, tho, if a specific dominates in the rug, it would be understandable. However, most beautiful Oriental rugs, the Dilmaghani Crown Kermans, the Dilmaghani Tabrizes, and the many “one-of-a-kinds” have a large palette of colors and hues.

Think of the array of colors as you would see a beautiful flower garden. The colors blend and compliment each other. Colors you may not think of going well together have been worked into designs for centuries and enrich the depth and beauty with their variety. Keep an open palette – and if, you can, start your decorating with your Dilmaghani rug!

Kerman Rugs and Carpets, Wide Runners from Dilmaghani

Dilmaghani Kerman Rugs are know as the quintessential pieces within the industry.

Qualities and prices range from Dilmaghani’s renowned Cyrus Crown Kermans, the Rolls Royce of the industry, to beautiful and easily affordable pieces.

Dilmaghani’s Oversize Kerman Rugs, known as Mansion Size Kerman Rugs, as well as standard size Kerman Carpets, and Kerman Runners in all sizes add unparalleled beauty to your home or office!

15x26 Kerman Rug
Kerman Cyrus Crown® Palace Size Rug 15’1″ x 26’1″
14x19 Kerman Mansion Size Rug
Kerman Cyrus Crown® Mansion Size Rug 14′0″ x 19′0″
12x17 Kerman Rug
Kerman Oversize Rug 12’1″ x 17’2″
10x12 Kerman Square Rug
Kerman Signed Square Rug 9’11″ X 12′ 0″
Kerman Rug Runner 5x10
Kerman Wide Rug Runner 5′0″ x 9′7″

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