Needlepoint, Chainstitch, Dhurrie Rugs Clearance

As we jump into the warmer months of Summer, Dilmaghani features Clearance Sales on light weight pieces:
Lovely Needlepoints, charming Chainstiches and some Dhurries!

Visit Dilmaghani’s Warehouse/Outlet website: for a sampling of these beautiful bargains!

Or, visit the Brewster location on Fridays and Saturdays.

Chainstitch Rug on Sale
9×12 Chainstitch Rug
6×9 Chainstitch Rug
4x6 Dhurrie Rug
4×6 Dhurrie Rug
6x9 Needlepoint Rug
6×9 Needlepoint Rug
8x10 Needlepoint Rug
8×10 Needlepoint Rug
4x6 Needlepoint Rug
4×6 Needlepoint Rug
6x9 Needlepoint Rug
6×9 Needlepoint Rug

Summer Rugs

Dilmaghani’s Dhurries and Kilims are favorite Summer rugs – also great for guest rooms, Sun rooms, kitchen areas.

Dilmaghani’s stock include both cotton and wool pieces – mostly geometric and Earth tones.

More Summer rugs including florals in next post!

Dhurrie Rugs
Dhurrie Rugs by Dilmaghani

Kilim Rugs
Kilim Rugs by Dilmaghani