Rug Resources, Education, and Reference


Heilbrunn Timeline of Carpets from the Islamic World 1600-1800

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Brooklyn Museum Collection of old rugs and carpets from Persia and other rug weaving countries in History.

LACMA Famous for the smaller twin “Ardebil” and “Coronation Carpet”[s].

The Met Houses the Emperor’s carpet and many others

V&A Houses one of the Twin “Ardebil Carpet”[s] and many fine antique Persian rugs as well as Tribal and Caucasian.

Hermitage Museum Holds the World’s Oldest Known Carpet

Online Resources

ICOC: International Conference on Oriental Carpets

Jozan: Oriental Rug Newsletter


TurkoTek: A noncommercial site for collectors of Oriental rugs and other ethnographic textiles.

Rug and Carpet Cleaning:

Rug Cleaning Austin Texas

Commercial Links:

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