FlyingCarpets Rug Warehouse Outlet SALE

The vast majority of rugs at Dilmaghani’s Warehouse/Outlet in Brewster NY are close-out and overstock in new, pristine condition at bargain prices.

This Spring, Dilmaghani’s Brewster Warehouse/Outlet is featuring a SALE of slightly repaired and some lightly used Oriental rugs at very low prices. Runners and small sizes. Some Persian Semi-antiques (over 50 years old) one-of-a-kinds. Beautiful pieces – limited supply!

Please note, neither Dilmaglhani’s Scarsdale Showroom or Dilmaghani’s Brewster Warhouse/Outlet is open Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.
Both are open the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

Visit soon!




War Rug Runner






Needlepoint Rugs Spring Clearance Sale

Dilmaghani’s vintage Needlepoint Rugs now on Spring Clearance Sale at Brewster’s Warehouse/Outlet and Scarsdale’s Showroom.
We’ve decided to clear out our entire needlepoint stock – prices are slashed!

All finely made, hand-stitched 100% pure wool needlepoint pieces. All floral designs in traditional and contemporary patterns.
Sizes from 3′ x 5′ up to 12′ x 18′. Prices from $189 to $2799.

Short supply – Buy Online Now!

4x6 Needlepoint Rug
4×6 Needlepoint Rug – Sale Price $319.00
4x6 Needlepoint Rug
4×6 Needlepoint Rug – Sale $329.00
4x6 Needlepoint Rug
4×6 Needlepoint Rug – Sale Price $239.00
4x6 Needlepoint Rug
4×6 Needlepoint Rug – Sale Price $299.00
3x5 Needlepoint Rug
3×5 Needlepoint Rug – Sale Price $199.00
4x6 Needlepoint Rug
4×6 Needlepoint Rug – Sale Price $199.00
10x14 Aubusson Needlepoint Rug
10×14 Aubusson Needlepoint Rug – Sale Price $1,999.00
10x14 Needlepoint Rug
10×14 Needlepoint Rug – Sale Price $1,499.00
12x18 Needlepoint Rug
12×18 Needlepoint Rug – Sale Price $1,999.00

Spring Rug Cleaning

As the first day of Spring approaches and Spring cleaning comes to mind — why not start with your floor covering!

Dilmaghani is a partner with a fine rug cleaning factory serving the tri-state area. We pick up your rugs, take them to the rug cleaning plant and return them to your home!

Simply phone: 1-800-232-3462 and a Dilmaghani representative will explain and make your arrangements.

Dilmaghani's Cleaning Department

Collectable Rugs

Dilmaghani is just starting to offer a few of our beautiful Collection Rugs for sale. They are all Persian, Antique and Semi-Antique, collectable one-of-a-kind pieces.

Our founder began the family collection soon after he arrived in New York City in the 1920’s. This is a unique opportunity to invest in extraordinary works of art. Here are a few examples:

8 x 12 Persian Tabriz Medallion Rug

Medallion Tabriz, Red field, Dark Blue border. Size: 8'4" x 11'10". Origin: Persia (Iran). Approx Age: 90-100 yrs.

A striking medallion design with detailed and ornate floral designs on a rich red field. The dark blue border, flanked by light blue guards echoes the rich floral pattern of the medallion. Light blue corners feature subtle dragon mouth tips. The strength of color in this fine carpet is offset by the subtlety and intricacy of the floral patterns.
Persian Tabriz Collectable Rug 8×12
Persian Tabriz Collectable Rug 8×12

8 x 12 Persian Tabriz Pictorial Rug

Fine Semi-Antique Tabriz, Multi-Color. Size: 8'1" x 11'9". Origin: Iran. Weaver: Tabatabaie. Age: 50 yrs (1960’s).

A very lovely and unique pictorial “village scene” carpet depicting many aspects of everyday village and agrarian life. Border cameos reflect similar lifestyle scenes.
Persian Tabriz Collectable Rug 8x12
Persian Tabriz Collectable Rug 8×12

4 x 6 Caucasian Panel Design Rug

Antique Chi Chi (Cabistan), Dark Blue ground, Ivory border. Size: 3'7" x 5'6". Origin: Caucasus. Age: 100+ yrs.

Very unique 12 panel geometric design on a dark blue ground surrounded by ivory border.
Caucasian Collectable Rug 4x6
Caucasian Collectable Rug 4×6

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