12′ x 23′ Persian Yezd Large Palace Oversized Rug

12' x 23' Large Persian Yezd Rug Carpet

Large, oversized Persian Yezd Circa 2nd quarter 20th century.

Very unique approach to design in regards to a curvelinear motif of this nature. A masterful use of tone-on-tone throughout borders and spandrels, with appropriately advantageous, yet delicate and tasteful contrast. Bold scrolling vines at either end of the field imply accelerated movement while harnessing balance to the highly decorative, large and ornate laced medallion.

Spandrels and inner minor border are buffered with a very thin, light outline, rendering an unusual dimension to the overall aesthetic. Grand borders with simplistic yet ever-so-well mapped inward corner reconciliation.

Enjoy an unusual, unique, and rare Yezd in epic size.