16′ x 24′ Large Silk Antique Persian Tabriz Oversized Rug

16' x 24' Large Oversized antique Persian Silk Tabriz

More about this milestone Large Antique Silk Tabriz Palace Rug

3rd quarter 19th century antique silk Persian Tabriz (attributed to Hadji Jalili). Extraordinarily large and oversized carpet from one of the finest areas of Oriental rug production and desirable vintage.

A true masterpiece on its’ own, this is one of the largest, if not the largest, antique silk Carpets in the United States. Striking medallion woven center of a moss field with covered pattern. Delicate tendrils scroll throughout the carpet, rhythmically interlacing the design with harmonious complexity. Accents of aqua blue, cranberry and ruby pink make this an unusual palette, and highly decorative carpet. Large Lanterns hang from either end of the medallion with extraordinary intricacy only attainable by true master weavers. Highly detailed border consisting of floral-filled cartouches, alternating with pomegranates buffered by an arabesque outer minor border and repeating cloudband inner.

The carpet is finished at the top with a signature Panel reading “Except for thy haven, there is no refuge for me in this world. Other than here, there is no place for my head. The work of a servant of the Court, Maqsud of Kashan, 946”

Woven in similar dimensions, knot density, and design to that of the famous Ardebil Carpets located in LACMA and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London dated from the 16th century.