Large Rug Sizes

Deciding on Rug Sizes

Before you start looking at rugs, determine what size area rug you would like for your beautiful home.  These simple suggestions will help you decide the appropriate area rug size and will make selecting the proper carpet a whole lot easier !

First, know standard sizes for large rugs:   8’x10′, 9’x12′, 10’x14′, 12’x15′, 12’x18′, and 12’x20′. Other unusual and hard to find large sizes exist and can be found in working with us directly, or by browsing a few of our oversized carpets including hard to find 12′, 13′, 14′, 15′, 16′ and wider carpets.

Large Rug Sizes

Next, determine the end objective:  Is your goal to make your room feel larger?  Or, is the rug or carpet intended as an accent rug?

Consider the possibility of delineating spaces within the large room with perhaps one large rug and smaller pieces, perhaps at the room’s threshold or in front of a fireplace.  Perhaps the room could accommodate 2 large rugs, according to the function of the particularly section of the room.   Use templates on the floor to play with sizes and positions of potential rugs.  The templates can be from newspapers or masking tape.

General rule of thumb:  A carpet should extend at least 1.5′ in all directions further than any movable chair.  That is to say, for a 5’x 7′ dining room table should measure a total of 8′ x 10′.

If a seating area is stationary, such as a couch, the rug could go under the couch or from 6″ to 1’5′ away from the seating edge.

Last tip: to make a room feel larger, purchase the largest rug possible.  An area rug usually ends between 8″ – 1’5′ from any wall or main stationary object.  For example, with a room measuring 14′ x 20′, an ideal size carpet would be 12′ x 18′.  If at one end of this room there were a small piano or desk, the carpet could come up to 8″ to 1.5′ away from this object.

In most any instance, the larger the rug, the larger the room will be perceived.

Finally, with any Oriental rug there may be slight variation in exact size.  With hand knotted carpets, know that a large or oversize carpet with a 5% difference in actual measurement from one end to the other is not uncommon. The fringe on the carpet is not figured into the tagged size.

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