Dilmaghani’s Father’s & Mother’s Day Rugs

Fine Bokhara Rug Details
Featuring Dilmaghani’s “Plus Quality Pak Bokhara” rugs in several sizes and colors. Still, this quantity is in limited supply and is not longer in production. All brand new, made in Pakistan, with a wool quality that looks and feels like velvet!

Dilmaghani’s Bokharas are favorite rug choices for office, library, meeting room – and any others! A handsome, traditional pattern.

Dilmaghani has manufactured the Bokhara design in several qualities – all still available.

Our “Plus Quality Pak Bokhara” is like none other!

12x17 Fine Blue Bokhara Rug
12x18 Fine Green Bokhara
12×15 Fine Bokhara Ivory Rug
16×25 Fine Bokhara Rug