How to Determine the Rug Size that Suits Your Room ?

Dilmaghani Rugs

How to determine the rug size that suits your room? Dilmaghani suggests you mark the standard sizes on the floor – with masking tape or newspaper template. (Rug fringe is not included in the standard size.)

As you view the measurements on the floor, consider: are you content with the amount of floor showing around the rug? Does the rug help to delineate the room’s functions? Do you like to have the rug under the furniture entirely, partially, not at all?

The choices are subjective. However, it’s pleasant to the eye to have a border of wood flooring showing around the rug. And in a dining room, it’s more convenient to have the dining chairs stay on the rug.

Whatever your size decisions – the rugs for your home are best found at Dilmaghani! Manufacturer, Importer and Nation-wide Distributor of Fine Oriental Rugs.
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