Spring Rug Cleaning

As the first day of Spring approaches and Spring cleaning comes to mind — why not start with your floor covering!

Dilmaghani is a partner with a fine rug cleaning factory serving the tri-state area. We pick up your rugs, take them to the rug cleaning plant and return them to your home!

Simply phone: 1-800-232-3462 and a Dilmaghani representative will explain and make your arrangements.

Dilmaghani's Cleaning Department

Find your rugs at Dilmaghani !

Dilmaghani is the best source for large and unusual size hand made Oriental carpets. In business since 1921, Dilmaghani has amassed a huge inventory of never-been-used, one-of-a-kind oversized rugs.

Dilmaghani’s Oversize inventory includes sizes ranging from 10 x 14 to sizes as large as 19 x 43.

Visit largerugscarpets.com to see a sampling of Dilmaghani’s inventory. You will find stunningly beautiful carpets ranging from Antique, Semi-Antique to new carpets.

Dilmaghani’s inventory is so vast, we cannot show everything although we are continually adding photographs. In the event you do not find what you are looking for, Contact Dilmaghani from the website for Dilmaghanis to do a personal search for your size range and price range.

Dilmaghani has provided rugs to many elegant private homes country wides as well as executives offices, corporate board rooms, universities, rock musicians, Broadway shows and a US Presidential library.

Find your rugs at Dilmaghani !

19x44 Persian Khorassan Rug
Antique Persian Khorassan Palace Carpet 19′ x 43’6″

Choosing an Oriental Rug by Color

Kerman Rug
Persian Kerman Crown Oversize Carpet 14′ x 17’10″

Mind-set in viewing Oriental rugs. Sometimes, customers begin their search with specifying colors they do or do not want. Our suggestion is, when you look at a Dilmaghani Oriental rug, you are looking at a work of art. One color or another need not be a deciding factor, tho, if a specific dominates in the rug, it would be understandable. However, most beautiful Oriental rugs, the Dilmaghani Crown Kermans, the Dilmaghani Tabrizes, and the many “one-of-a-kinds” have a large palette of colors and hues.

Think of the array of colors as you would see a beautiful flower garden. The colors blend and compliment each other. Colors you may not think of going well together have been worked into designs for centuries and enrich the depth and beauty with their variety. Keep an open palette – and if, you can, start your decorating with your Dilmaghani rug!

Traditional Rugs for any room style

Traditional Oriental rug patterns are as enduring thru the centuries as Bach is to the rich repertoire of fine music. One never tires of either, and their beauty transcends time. Dilmaghani’s huge Oriental rug inventory is traditionally based. Still, contemporary tastes call for some representation of contemporary styles and Dilmaghani has the full span of designs.

Often traditional colors cycle back into fashionable trends, such as these Tabriz pieces. Rust and burnt orange are both classic and contemporary and suit today’s decor with elegance.

Check our huge collection of oversize Tabriz Rugs at LargeRugsCarpets.com

11×17 Persian Tabriz Rug
11×17 Persian Tabriz Rug





How to Determine the Rug Size that Suits Your Room ?

Dilmaghani Rugs

How to determine the rug size that suits your room? Dilmaghani suggests you mark the standard sizes on the floor – with masking tape or newspaper template. (Rug fringe is not included in the standard size.)

As you view the measurements on the floor, consider: are you content with the amount of floor showing around the rug? Does the rug help to delineate the room’s functions? Do you like to have the rug under the furniture entirely, partially, not at all?

The choices are subjective. However, it’s pleasant to the eye to have a border of wood flooring showing around the rug. And in a dining room, it’s more convenient to have the dining chairs stay on the rug.

Whatever your size decisions – the rugs for your home are best found at Dilmaghani! Manufacturer, Importer and Nation-wide Distributor of Fine Oriental Rugs.
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