Large Rug Sizes

Deciding on Rug Sizes

Before you start looking at rugs, determine what size area rug you would like for your beautiful home.  These simple suggestions will help you decide the appropriate area rug size and will make selecting the proper carpet a whole lot easier !

First, know standard sizes for large rugs:   8’x10′, 9’x12′, 10’x14′, 12’x15′, 12’x18′, and 12’x20′. Other unusual and hard to find large sizes exist and can be found in working with us directly, or by browsing a few of our oversized carpets including hard to find 12′, 13′, 14′, 15′, 16′ and wider carpets.

Large Rug Sizes

Next, determine the end objective:  Is your goal to make your room feel larger?  Or, is the rug or carpet intended as an accent rug?

Consider the possibility of delineating spaces within the large room with perhaps one large rug and smaller pieces, perhaps at the room’s threshold or in front of a fireplace.  Perhaps the room could accommodate 2 large rugs, according to the function of the particularly section of the room.   Use templates on the floor to play with sizes and positions of potential rugs.  The templates can be from newspapers or masking tape.

General rule of thumb:  A carpet should extend at least 1.5′ in all directions further than any movable chair.  That is to say, for a 5’x 7′ dining room table should measure a total of 8′ x 10′.

If a seating area is stationary, such as a couch, the rug could go under the couch or from 6″ to 1’5′ away from the seating edge.

Last tip: to make a room feel larger, purchase the largest rug possible.  An area rug usually ends between 8″ – 1’5′ from any wall or main stationary object.  For example, with a room measuring 14′ x 20′, an ideal size carpet would be 12′ x 18′.  If at one end of this room there were a small piano or desk, the carpet could come up to 8″ to 1.5′ away from this object.

In most any instance, the larger the rug, the larger the room will be perceived.

Finally, with any Oriental rug there may be slight variation in exact size.  With hand knotted carpets, know that a large or oversize carpet with a 5% difference in actual measurement from one end to the other is not uncommon. The fringe on the carpet is not figured into the tagged size.

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Large Antique Silk Persian Tabriz Palace Rug 28411

Example from our inventory of large oriental area rugs gallery: 16′ x 24′ Large oversized Silk antique Persian Tabriz ca. 1870 attributed to Hadji Jalili workshop.

16' x 24' Large oversized Silk antique Persian Hadji Jalili Tabriz ca. 1870

3rd quarter 19th century antique silk Persian Tabriz.

Extraordinarily large and oversized carpet from one of the finest areas in history of hand knotted Oriental rug production.  A highly collectible, very rare, unique and desirable carpet with extraordinary history, decorative value and historic importance.

A testament to the finest in Persian carpet weaving, exhibiting unparalleled accuracy to two of the most famous and historic carpets in the world: The twin Ardabil carpets[1].  While the 16th century predecessors are woolen pile, this 19th century version is constructed of silk.  Around the time this carpet was woven, a revival movement of renown Safavid dynasty weaving was underway.  The concept of creating this carpet was most definitely built around knowing original examples existed.  Whether a celebration of 16th century originals or a custom order for a Palace, there is no question the designing and use of materials seen in this carpet were intended to meet or exceed the originals with a slight shift.  The color palette would have been an extraordinarily unusual derivation from any norm of the era, featuring a most unique green field accented throughout with bright naturally dyed silk.  An exquisite example far beyond tradition, while doing so in the effort to maintain a sacred art form as an adventurous, yet tasteful and timeless carpet.

Outside of the historical importance, design lineage akin to that of the famous Ardabil carpets, harmonious and unusual color motif, is also the considerable size of this carpet.  Hand knotted with a silk pile and silk foundation, this is one of the largest, if not the largest, antique silk Carpets in the United States.

Antique Silk Tabriz Ardebil Carpets Design
Fine Antique Silk Persian Tabriz with Signature

Simplistic use of color within the main medallion seems to render a placid decorative outlining. Yet the initially perceived simplicity is deceiving and unusually gravitating: The highly intricate shadow outlines linger in the mind while your eye continues to explore the overall motif further. Delicate tendrils scroll throughout the carpet, rhythmically interlacing the motif with harmonious complexity. Large Lanterns hang from either end of the medallion with extraordinary intricacy only attainable by true master weavers. Highly detailed border consisting of floral-filled cartouches, alternating with pomegranates buffered by an interlinking arabesque outer minor border and repeating cloudband inner.  Accents of aqua blue, cranberry and ruby pink make this an unusual and highly decorative carpet.  There are few who would dispute this carpet may be considered the most masterful ode to the Ardabil carpets in existence today.

Silk Persian Tabriz
Reading in ancient Persian “Except for thy haven, there is no refuge for me in this world. Other than here, there is no place for my head. The work of a servant of the Court, Maqsud of Kashan, 946″

Finished at the top of the carpet is an identical signature panel to the Ardabil carpets:  Reading in ancient Persian “Except for thy haven, there is no refuge for me in this world. Other than here, there is no place for my head. The work of a servant of the Court, Maqsud of Kashan, 946″

Woven in similar dimensions, knot density, and design to that of the famous Ardabil Carpets located in LACMA and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London dated from the 16th century.

[1] Also See The Ardabil Carpets at the Victoria & Albert Museum and LACMA.

Large Antique Palace Rug 28407

Example from our inventory of large oriental area rugs gallery:

Measuring 19′x43′6″, ca. 1900 India.

19' x 43'6" Antique Palace Carpet. Wine red Indian Carpet ca. 1900

Measuring 19′ x 43′6″, ca. 1900 India.

The largest rug in our collection, also believed to be one of the largest, if not the largest, antique rug/carpet in the United States.  A masterful feat to have crafted a rug of such quality and beauty over 100 years ago.  Carpets of this length and width, even today, are extraordinarily rare and hard to come by.  Measuring approximately 826.5 square feet, averaging approximately 225 knots per square inch, an approximated 26,000,000 +/- hand tied knots comprise the pile to this tremendous rug.

Palace Carpet Density

Deep, rich wine red field with golden accents throughout, the pile exhibiting a magnificent patina. Colossal size medallion with large lanterns on a grand open field; border consisting of large palmettes finished in a highly coveted, laleh abbasi reciprocating border. Ends and sides completely original and intact. A highly unusual example in condition, age, size, type and quality.

The rug is in near-perfect unused condition, with no loss to ends or sides.  Two very small repairs may be found, measuring less in size than 2 square feet total.  Perhaps attributable to transportation of this massive Palace carpet.

Contact us for more information about this rug.  914.472.1700