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David Nicholls Modern Design Flat Weave Rugs from Dilmaghani

By | August 20, 2014

Dilmaghani company has a variety of flat weave rugs – Kilims, Dhurries and our particular line: Dilmaghani’s “Antique Dreams”. We are presently featuring our remaining inventory of David Shaw Nicholls modern design flat weave rugs made with very fine Argentinian wool. Like other flat weaves, they are reversible and beautiful on both sides! Dilmaghani was […]

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Dilmaghani’s specialized Oriental cleaning service

By | August 18, 2014

Labor Day and the beautiful Autumn season is nearing and it’s a good time to send your Oriental rugs to be cleaned, if you haven’t already! Freshening your lovely rugs bring a fresh look to your rooms ! Dilmaghani’s specialized Oriental cleaning service provides excellent maintenance for your rugs. Phone now: 1-800-232-3462 for pick-up, cleaning […]

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Professional Rug Cleaning with Dilmaghani

By | August 1, 2014

Is your Oriental Rug showing wear in a particular area? Or is part of the rug exposed to sunlight? In any case, it’s good to sometimes turn your rug 180 degrees. Don’t pull from the fringe when lifting or turning the rug. And to prevent a back problem, lift from your knees. Best if you […]

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